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ET 1303(Preorder) / 2207 / 2305 / 2306


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ET1303 Preorder, Delivery on 10.04.2020

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ET1303 Preorder, Delivery on 10.04.2020
Selet Model

ET1303-5000KV (Preorder, Delivery on 10.04.2020), ET1303-7500KV (Preorder, Delivery on 10.04.2020), ET2207-1750KV, ET2207-1950KV, ET2207-2550KV, ET2305-1750KV, ET2305-1950KV, ET2305-2550KV, ET2306-1750KV, ET2306-1950KV, ET2306-2550KV

  1. Luka

    5 out of 5

    One of the most premium motors that you can buy. Tightest air gap that I have ever seen paired with beefy curved magnets gets you instantanious power through whole throttle band. You can feel the biting of every magnet/magnet pole very clearly without any grinding/scratching. Coils are beautifully wound and not messy as some other manufacturers. Amax’s 2305 are way better choice than some other manufacturers 2306’s, they are lighter, they are built way better, and what is most important, you get more power in ridiculously lighter motor, so the power-to-weight ratio is pretty freaking insane.

    I had few crashes with them and they didn’t even blink/stutter, they’re running strong, same as on the first flight. They come with a set of screws and awesome propeller nut (which is one of the smoothest that I have tried so far). Wires are 20 AWG and 15cm long. M3 bottom locking screw for ease of use – nice touch to the already awesome package.

    If you were asking me, I would pick Amax’s line of motors anytime over iFlight/RCINPower/Flywoo or whichever manufacturer comes on your mind. You seriously won’t be disappointed.

    Keep up the awesome job you guys/gals are doing!

    FYI – I purchased motors with my own hard earned money, and I will be purchasing more for sure 🙂

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